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  1. DefCon 23: Presentation notes

    20 August 2015

    Here and behind the cut are the notes I took at DefCon 23. They are necessarily incomplete because they're notes, and I refer you to the speakers' presentations and eventually video recordings for the whole story.

    Applied Intelligence: Using Information That's Not There - Michael Schrenk

    • Knowing your operations and resources
    • More effective and efficient
    • Competitive intelligence
    • What's happening outside of your business
    • Know your competitors and markets
    • Collect, analyze, and apply external data
    • There is a professional association of people who do competitive intelligence
    • Applied intelligence is actionable and changes what you do
    • Most is useless unless you develop it …


  2. DefCon 23: The Writeup

    17 August 2015

    Well, I'm back from DefCon in sunny and hot Las Vegas, Nevada and more or less reinserted back into my everyday life. I'm just about caught up on everything that happened at work and finally finished the notes that are going to comprise this article. I'll type up the notes I took during the talks at DefCon in a couple of days; they've voluminous and I want to get the experience out of my head and into external storage before the memories fade much more. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to any of the villages so I don't have anything …


  3. DefCon 22 presentation notes

    20 August 2014

    Behind the cut are the notes I took during DefCon 22, organized by name of presentation. Where appropriate I've linked to the precis of the talk. I make no guarantee that they make sense to anybody but me.

    One Man Shop: Building an Effective Security Program All By Yourself - Medic

    • Integrate with environment
    • Continuous monitoring
    • People and Process -> Secure Network Architecture -> Secure Systems Design -> Continuous Monitoring -> External Validation -> Compliance
    • Compliance, per usual, means dick in the final analysis
    • Roughly five year plan w/ deliverables
    • Needs organizational supprt. Still answers to the Business.
    • Supports, !replaces Business
    • Security will not mature past …


  4. Presentation to ISOC-DC, 20121016.

    22 October 2012

    I wound up not giving the whole presentation to the DC chapter of the Internet Society last week because the format got changed up at the last minute. But anyway, here is the presentation I would have given in PDF and OpenOffice Presentation formats.

    This work by The Doctor [412/724/301/703] is published under a Creative Commons By Attribution / Noncommercial / Share Alike v3.0 License.


  5. In the home stretch.

    05 July 2012

    We're in the home stretch. I'm writing this at HacDC while waiting for a build to finish. We're getting ready to freeze the codebase for v0.2a of Project Byzantium, after which time we're not going to change anything until people start using it and the bug reports come in. In other words, we'll have a code freeze until we start working on the next release. We have special give-aways for HOPE Number Nine and a presentation to finish up (start, really).

    Anyway, this is a post to say where I'll be and what we're doing. I have two presentations …


  6. Not dead, only busy.

    20 April 2012

    For everything going on right now, I've had surprisingly little time to work on much of it.

    In my last post I mentioned some of the things I've got going on right now, all of which have been keeping me from writing about other stuff. In the past week or so I've had a half-dozen things, all with roughly equal priority in the scheduler pop up and demand attention. I've been seeing to them as best I can, as often as I can, as efficiently as I can. Now that I've got a few of them mostly taken care of …


  7. Better late than never: The Next HOPE

    27 July 2010

    I got home from work early last Thursday afternoon after putting in a couple of hours at work to wrap things up and ensure that nothing would crash, blow up, or spontaneously develop sentience and go on a rampage through the city while I was taking a long weekend in New York City to attend The Next HOPE conference, thrown by 2600 Magazine once again. Unfortunately, this meant taking a couple of phone calls on the way home and throwing a suitcase of stuff together at the last minute so that Hasufin, Mika, and I could then drive to the …