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  1. Pre-order for the new InSoc album announced!

    09 August 2007

    It's official - the new release from Information Society, entitled Synthesizer will be released for general sale the first week of October, 2007. However, there is a limited edition of the album available right now, and like before there are only 1000 copies being made. Once they're gone, they're gone, and you'll have to wait two more months before you can buy it.

    Price? $14us.

    So... who just got paid?


  2. InSoc EP Oscillator will, in fact, be sold in physical form.

    25 May 2007

    Todd over at A Different Drum has announced that he's taking pre-orders for the new Information Society Single, Oscillator (the announcement was made on the band's website today). Paul Robb of InSoc has stated that only 500 copies of their new CD-5 will be made - half will be sold through ADD, the other half will be sold at live shows. It's already hit #7 on ADD's sales charts, and the announcement only went out yesterday at 1200 EST5EDT. The official release date of the disk has not yet been announced, though when it is I'll post ASAP.

    It should also …