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  1. No time for hazmat?

    20 January 2007

    It seems that LA police completely missed something shady happening that was not only reported by the public but recorded by a securicam: J. Random Stranger poured a bottle of mercury out on a subway platform, and the hazmat crew arrived eight hours later to clean up the spill. The Joint Terrorism Task Force says that this wasn't even a criminal act, which it probably wasn't but for future reference it actually is because mercury is toxic, and in fact there are special procedures that must be followed to clean it up. However, the guy who spilled the mercury hunted …


  2. Ronin assists UK police?

    17 January 2007

    On the other side of the pond, a group of UK police officers were dry-gulched by a group of thugs armed with improvised weapons while answering a breaking and entering call.. and were saved by an unknown person carrying a katana. No, seriously. The guy with the sword took down one criminal with a (technically) nonlethal strike to the arm; two others fled and are still at large; a third was arrested later. The guy with the sword is still on the loose.

    There is no word yet if he was accompanied by a teenage girl on a skateboard.


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