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  1. Mid-year .plan file update.

    07 July 2022

    Well, I've uploaded the latest version of my .plan file once again. All the usual warnings and advisories apply.

    You know, at some point I'm going to run out of ways to signal that I've updated that file again. I keep the contents of my site in a git repo (several of them, actually) with each post post in a separate file. The filename of a given post makes up the slug of the post when it goes live. Every filename in the repo, logically, has to be unique.

    After the events of today (it's the last week of May …


  2. My .plan file has broken the one megabyte barrier.

    12 January 2022

    As the title implies, my .plan file has broken the one megabyte barrier at long last:

    {12:10:40 @ Thu Jan 06}
    [drwho @ windbringer ~] () $ ls -alF .plan
    .rw-r--r-- drwho drwho 1.0 MB Thu Jan  6 12:03:39 2022  .plan
    {12:10:43 @ Thu Jan 06}
    [drwho @ windbringer ~] () $ du -sh .plan
    1.1M    .plan

    I've also updated it, the first for this year. All the usual warnings apply.


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