Tag: perl

  1. Eureka!

    30 July 2007

    I got it!! Thread pools!

    Here's something you don't see every day, but I sincerely hope will become common in the next couple of years: Books On Demand, both a principle and the name of a company (well, it's called On Demand Books, actually... I tried) that manufactures automatic printing press/bindaries. Their first model, called the Espresso Book Machine, costs $50kus, but can print, cut, trim, bind, and fit into a laminated cover two books simultaneously inside of seven wallclock minutes, or 15-20 library quality books per hour. There are two in public right now, one at the World …


  2. Perl, Getopts::Long, and code hacking.

    19 May 2007

    When working with the Perl, you can use the module Getopt::Long to implement your command line argument parser. However, if your script can take a string of words after the arguments, like this

    ./my_script.pl --arg1 --arg2 --arg3 foo bar baz quux

    the -- options will be removed from @ARGV, leaving only the other words (foo, bar, baz, et al). This means that you don't have to write any routines to dig them out of @ARGV.


  3. Random knowledge VI.

    25 January 2007

    The actions of a systems cracker trying to get a foothold in someone's network by social engineering the people in the NOC and someone hunting for a job who is trying to get hold of a human being in the HR department somewhere in a company are not that different.

    When writing Perl code, generally speaking the simplest code is what will do exactly what you need. If you overthink what you're working on, you won't get anywhere.. especially with the reverse operator.

    Perl gives you enough rope to not only hang yourself but your entire family, too. Don't make …


  4. Signature Generator v1.1

    21 January 2007

    This utility was designed to convert information about someone or something into a form better suited for magickal operations. It's written in Perl and outputs an MD5 message digest suitable for use in sigils, mantras, chanting, or what have you. Documentation is built in and displayed with the command signature_generator-1.1.pl --help.

    The utility requires the Perl module Digest::MD5, which is included with most any copy of Perl these days.



  5. Gematria v1.0

    21 January 2007

    This is one of my first technomagickal experiments written in Perl, a utility that converts words written in English or Hebrew characters into numbers for use in gematria, a process used to discern concealed patterns and relationships between words, and thus their associated concepts.

    I originally developed this utility with Perl v5.6, and it runs under v5.8 and later without trouble.

    gematria-1.0.pl --help will print the online help.

    gematria-1.0.pl --how_to_supply_hebrew_words will explain how to pass Hebrew characters to the utility.