Turtles All the Way Down: So, does anyone actually operate this way?

So, after all everything's said and done, you're probably asking yourself "Why would somebody go through all this trouble to build a computer from the ground up? It's never going to be as fast as one that you can buy, so what's the point?"

Ultimately, it comes down to what you're trying to accomplish. If you want the fastest possible CPU, tens of gigabytes of RAM, and four monitors so you can go raiding more efficiently chances are you have a threat model that doesn't approach the level of concern, paranoia, or security requirements that we assumed through the other …


The playlist for Saloncon 2007, as of two hours before showtime.

  1. The Cruxshadows - Sophia (Here I Am Club Mix)

  2. Razed in Black - Blush

  3. Covenant - We Stand Alone

  4. VNV Nation - Dark Angel

  5. E Nomine - Mitternacht (Extended Version)

  6. Colony 5 - Suicidal

  7. Projekt Pitchfork - Timekiller

  8. The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection

  9. Depeche Mode - Strangelove

  10. David Bowie - As The World Falls Down (from Labyrinth)

  11. Tangerine Dream - The Dance (from Legend)

  12. Moulin Rouge - El Tango de Roxanne

  13. Marc Shaiman - The Addams Family Tango

  14. Loreena McKinnett - The Mummer's Dance (Single version)

  15. The Changelings - Earthquake At Versalles

  16. Birthday Massacre - The Dream

  17. The Dreamside featuring Rogue - Open Your Eyes

  18. The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes

  19. Iris - Hell's Coming With Me …