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  1. Text message phishing scam?

    06 January 2009

    Earlier this evening, my wife recieved an unusual text message to her phone:

    "From: No Caller ID
    "Date: 1/6/09 5:55 pm
    "This is an automated message from Arlington Virginia FCU. Your ATM card has been suspended. To reactivate call urgent at (800) 295-3174."

    I don't think I have to state that neither Lyssa nor myself have accounts with the Arlington, VA Federal Credit Union.

    So I've been doing some detective work on who sent this and I've found out a few things. Unfortunately, because the initial contact came via a text message I don't have any way …


  2. Engineering and re-engineering over the long weekend.

    31 August 2008

    If you normally browse my website directly (i.e., not using an RSS feed aggregator of some kind) you'll see that I made some major changes to the front page late last night. For the past couple of days I've been profiling load times and such like, and discovered that I could improve the code and structure markedly with some changes. I've been using the Firebug and YSlow plugins to see where the bottlenecks were, and as a result I removed a half-dozen or so badges from weblog directories that did little else but add to the page loading time …