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  1. Car repairs at last?

    31 January 2007

    Today's the fifth of January - the TARDIS is supposed to be ready at the body shop by now. Cross your fingers, everyone.

    thunderbird -ProfileManager - For when you absolutely, positively have to do things to your e-mail configuration that would make any sane system administrator (hush, you!) cringe. Laptop users take note: SanDisk is going to unveil its next generation storage drives at CES next week, namely, 32GB flash drives for portable computers. The drives are built using solid-state flash technology, which means no moving parts (and thus, lower power requirements). For a while they've been available for certain applications outside …


  2. OpenBSD: Source tree updater.

    21 January 2007

    This is a shell script for OpenBSD that will automatically update the source tree for your systemware as well as the ports collection from a public CVS server. This file must be edited to configure the $CVSROOT variable as well as the branch of OpenBSD that you're following (for example, OPENBSD_3_8). It must be run as root, and I'm too busy right now to add a check to make sure that the user running it has root privileges. Use your brain: Put it in /root, mode 0700.