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  1. Eclipse Phase NPC: Paul - El Pulpo Magnifico!

    20 August 2010

    System: Eclipse Phase
    Character name: Paul - El Pulpo Magnifico!
    Apparent age: 3
    Character concept: Psychic octopus, professional sportscaster

    Prior to the Fall of transhumanity people always said that there was something a little.. off.. about an uplifted giant Pacific octopus whom the Somatek geneticists decanted. Given the name Paul, he soon distinguished himself from his broodmates by becoming something of a historian. It's widely agreed that the first thing Paul saw after awakening to sentience was probably a sportscast of some kind; maybe it was microgravity rugby, maybe it was superconducting hockey, it might even have been centripital soccer. One …


  2. Eclipse Phase NPC: Lt. Colonel Alprentice Higgins

    11 September 2009

    One thing I've noticed about Eclipse Phase is that the system makes it easy to develop very detailed, very powerful (which stands to reason, when you think about it), and sometimes very quirky characters. It isn't often that a game system will let you design a character that has stats that cover a high degree of skill in a hobby as well as a profession, say, Zen calligraphy or tailoring.

    As with all Eclipse Phase stuff, this character data bears the Creative Commons v3.0, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike, unported license.

    Character name: Alprentice Higgins
    Gender: Male
    Apparent age: 25
    Character …


  3. Eclipse Phase NPC: Victor 242

    05 September 2009

    For the past week or so, a new tabletop role-playing game called Eclipse Phase has been eating most of my spare time. If you're not familiar with it, it is best described as transhumanist hard science fiction combined with a style of horror which is almost Lovecraftian in nature. I find that the best way to learn a system is to sit down and generate a character for it, so I decided to build a couple of NPCs for other gamers to use if they wish and release them onto the Net under the same license as the game: Creative …