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  1. One last shot fired by 2020.

    01 January 2021

    Well, happy friggin' new year, everyone. It's 2021.ev at last, the year when the Internet is supposed to look like this or something.

    Of course it's never that easy. 2020.ev had one final kick in the crotch lined up, this one for me. I may as well tell the story as it unfolded, because that's how it seems to make sense. You may as well get your buckets of popcorn ready because why not, it's story time with Uncle Bryce again.

    So, 31 December 2020.ev. I had an errand to run (one of precious few these days …


  2. 2014.ev!

    02 January 2014

    Happy New Year, everyone.

    I rang in the new year with Lyssa and Amberite at the Cat Club's 80's Dance Party, with special guest DJ Kurt Harland from Information Society. A wonderful night was had by all. Unfortunately, it also completely wrecked our sleep schedules...

    I haven't been posting much here lately because, outside of working I've been head-down doing research for either a paper or a series of articles, and there is a lot of information to organize. When it's ready, you'll know it.


  3. Happy New Year - 2007!

    31 January 2007

    That's what I'd like to see, in my slightly inhebriated state! More spammers getting vasectomies!

    You are weather.com You like  to talk about the weather. You like to do things on the 8s. Natural disasters are your bread and butter.  You prefer Celsius.
    Which Website are You?

    Well, it's the first day of 2007. Somehow, we all survived another year, a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and a little bit more jaded. The point is, though, that we made it. Last night, everyone started arriving at our apartment around 1930 EST/EDT. I drove out to pick up Hummingwolf from the Metro station and then headed back to make sure that everything was running smoothly back home. Lyssa had been slow-cooking a ham in the new …