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  1. Neologism: Going rogue

    28 March 2018

    Going rogue - noun phrase - Ignoring the directions Google Maps (or whatever map navigation application you have on your phone) gives you in favor of using the knowledge inside your head and local area expertise.  The thing about map navigation applications is that so many people use them, the moment you deviate from the main course you have almost entirely empty streets, with a significant reduction in travel time.


  2. Guide to safety for Tunisians - please distribute!

    16 January 2011

    Note: mirrored from here. Reformatted only slightly for readibility. Originally by Barrett Brown.

    As I've noted here over the past two weeks, factions of Anonymous, including quite a few Tunisians, have been supporting the Tunisian people in their current revolution against the corrupt and undemocratic government that had ruled over them for years. Our efforts have now switched from DDoS attacks and takeovers of non-essential government websites to the more nuanced and difficult work of providing various forms of educational and moral support to Tunisians during the coming period of tumult. The following document, which will be updated further soon …