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  1. The Doctor's favorite podcasts of 2018.ev.

    07 January 2019

    I know this is kind of late, but I thought I'd put together a list of the podcasts I enjoyed listening to in 2018.ev, in the hope of introducing folks to the work of some really talented people:

    Weird Things

    Roleplaying Public Radio's Actual Plays

    The Neo-Anarchist Podcast, an in-character ongoing series set in the world of Shadowrun.

    On Her Majesty's Secret Podcast.  More about James Bond than you thought it was possible to know.

    The Black Vault

    The Secret Broadcast



  2. Remember when your mom said that asking the wrong questions would put you on someone's list?

    13 February 2011

    As a child of the Cold War era I'd always been curious about politics and how things worked. My mom (and grandmother, for that matter) always warned me that asking those kinds of questions would mean that my name would wind up on a list someplace. They were never clear on what sort of list that was, or what effect being on one might have. The context was never a good one and it lead to no shortage of arguments, that was for sure. Those arguments mysteriously stopped when, in one of my high school civics classes (it's important to …