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  1. Roadside Memorial, Anthony Jones, and Information Society at the DNA Lounge.

    04 April 2016

    The week of 21 March 2016 marked the 23rd anniversary of Death Guild, the longest running goth/industrial night in the United States and second-oldest in the world. In a community where club nights may exist for a handful of years and then vanish, only to be replaced by a new team of promoters Death Guild stands out as the archetypal club night: If you visit SF and you like to dance, you really need to stop by the DNA Lounge on Monday night. The evening of 23 March 2016 was a very special night indeed because three locally prominent …


  2. My media - let me show you it!

    09 January 2008

    I've put a few more photo albums online from last year and this year:

    The wedding of Alexius and Marlise Pendragon - 15 December 2007 (slightly out of order due to the file naming conventions of the two cameras used).

    The Dresden Dolls - 27 December 2007, Washington, DC

    In case you missed them because they were buried at the end of a very long concert report, Information Society in concert - 5 January 2008, Philadelphia, PA

    Oh, and some long overdue updates to my .plan file (obDisclaimer: Possibly not safe for work.).

    I also finally debugged Pivot's URL rewriting scheme so …


  3. This brightens my day somewhat.

    29 November 2007

    Information Society's going on tour in 2008. Kurt, Paul, and James got back together after the release of Synthesizer and they're hitting the road. Word on the street has it that they'll be playing songs from all of their albums, and I do mean all of them. If rumour's to be believed, they might even play a song or two from their very early albums from the mid-1980's, like Creatures of Influence.

    Geekgasm. Pure geekgasm.

    Lyssa and I have already bought tickets to the Philadelphia show on 5 January 2008. Interestingly, the schedule at Dancing Ferret (great job signing InSoc …


  4. Pre-order for the new InSoc album announced!

    09 August 2007

    It's official - the new release from Information Society, entitled Synthesizer will be released for general sale the first week of October, 2007. However, there is a limited edition of the album available right now, and like before there are only 1000 copies being made. Once they're gone, they're gone, and you'll have to wait two more months before you can buy it.

    Price? $14us.

    So... who just got paid?


  5. InSoc EP Oscillator will, in fact, be sold in physical form.

    25 May 2007

    Todd over at A Different Drum has announced that he's taking pre-orders for the new Information Society Single, Oscillator (the announcement was made on the band's website today). Paul Robb of InSoc has stated that only 500 copies of their new CD-5 will be made - half will be sold through ADD, the other half will be sold at live shows. It's already hit #7 on ADD's sales charts, and the announcement only went out yesterday at 1200 EST5EDT. The official release date of the disk has not yet been announced, though when it is I'll post ASAP.

    It should also …


  6. So I finally got around to getting my hands on _Oscillator_.

    27 March 2007

    Long-time readers of my website know that I've been a fan of the band Information Society for years on end - ever since their first big single (What's On Your Mind? (Pure Energy) hit the airwaves. The band has been through this, that, and the other thing over the years, and now they're back together and have a new album coming out. Last week the first single from their upcoming album (entitled Oscillator) was released on the Net only to downloadable online music stores like iTunes.

    Now, I've got a pretty big chip on my shoulder about downloadable music stores because …


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