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  1. "Burn me at the stake, and I will return with a new handle." -Anonymous BBS user, circa 1994

    31 January 2007

    Wow.. the most outspoken anti-homosexuality priests and preachers are falling from grace^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hin droves. This time the reverend Lonnie Latham of Oklahoma was arrested for propositioning a male undercover police officer for sex last Tuesday.

    The new Information Society website went live! The Lost Tales, the direct-to-DVD Babylon-5 movies are in post-production and are scheduled for release on 27 July 2007, thus sayeth JMS.

    Lady Ada of thee Cult ov thee Dead C0w has unleashed her latest creation upon the Net: Wavebubble, a miniature self-tuning radio jammer that can run on …