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  1. We got hackers on a motherlovin' plane!

    12 May 2007

    The guys over at the Hacker Foundation have put together a jaunt for globetrotting hackers that will be hard to pass up, a project that they're calling Hackers On A Plane. Through much wheeling and dealing, they've cut deals with the organizers of Defcon in Las Vegas and the Chaos Computer Camp in Germany, and they've made it possible to attend both. Here's how:

    For $1,337us (or €1,337eur), you can attend Defcon in Vegas (though you'll have to pay for your own food and sleeping space), fly from Vegas to Frankfurt, Germany, catch a charter flight to the …


  2. HOPE in jeopardy.

    18 January 2007

    A message from Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600 Magazine yesterday afternoon brings mixed news: Due to the scheduled demolition of the Hotel Pensylvania, the HOPE Conference is in jeopardy. The Hotel Penn, love it or hate it, was really the only hotel in New York City that 2600 could afford to hold HOPE in; it was also one of the few hotels that most of the attendees could afford to stay in... New York City isn't a cheap place, let's be honest here. They are probably looking at moving it to a different city, but it's too soon to tell, or …


  3. Hackers: The Drinking Game

    17 January 2007

    Take one drink:

    • ...every time Dade grins.

    • ...every time Dade yells "Sh-hit!!"

    • ...every time someone is called "elite."

    • ...every time Dade is shut down by Kate.

    • ...every time Nikon recites a particular piece of information from memory.

    • ...every time someone wakes up from a dream.

    • ...every time the Plague walks in someplace he really doesn't belong, like the local FBI field office.
    • ...every time someone strikes a dramatic pose.

    • ...every time Phantom Phreak makes an illegal phone call.

    • ...every time Cereal Killer asks to crash with someone.

    • ...every time Phantom Phreak says "What SUP?"

    • ...every time Cereal Killer gives his …


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