A classic!

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Found at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to play a few rounds, as much as I would have liked to.

On the road again, and this time after not a bit of adventure.

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I'm in the field again on assignment, this time well south of the Mason-Dixon line. Far enough south, in fact, that people actually have accents, and truck stops are the primary means of acquiring what one needs to live, such as food, fuel, and automobile parts. It seems that my cow-orker and I didn't get the luck of the draw when it came to the hotel this time. We're staying in hotel that specializes in hosting conventions and conferences near the beach, but doesn't specialize in actually putting people up for the night. On the whole, it's not such a …


They're going to try it again...

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Once again, the movie industry in the US is attempting to adapt William Gibson's novel Neuromancer to the silver screen. This was attempted once before, and all I need to say on the topic is this: It went horribly. If you're really interested in what happened back in 1988, it's out there on the Net, and you can search it out yourselves.

I have only four words to say to the announced creative team of producer Peter Hoffman and director Joseph Kahn:

Don't fuck this up.

The projected release date is sometime in 2009, and there are precious few details …


_Pattern Recognition_ is being made into a movie.

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A heads-up from Lowmagnet brought a slim ray of sunshine to an otherwise unpleasant day: The novel Pattern Recognition by William Gibson is being made into a movie as of late 2006. Make of this what you will, it's listed in IMDB as being in active development, which could mean pretty much anything given how Hollywood works, but They've taken to Gibson's less popular stories (like New Rose Hotel), so there's an excellent chance that this movie will actually wind up being made (though probably not get a theatrical release).