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  1. Yeah, I missed Farpoint, but this makes up for it.

    20 February 2007

    Due to the ice storm, Lyssa and I weren't able to get to the Farpoint sci-fi convention this weekend passed. As much as we would have liked to, the road conditions and extremely long drive were more than a little offputting. However, this brought a smile to my day: The crew from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (well, not really, but close enough for government work) had a go at Serenity.


  2. You got Time Lord in my chainsaw! You got a chainsaw stuck in my... huh?

    20 January 2007

    The first pressing of the DVD boxed set of Doctor Who, season 28/2 has a strange glitch in it: Footage from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre It seems that the master tapes were used for the movie as well as New Earth, so partway through the episode you'll get to see someone having their legs cut off. Also, the special features on that disk are inaccessible because the content just isn't there, and some of the descriptors appear to be corrupted. So far, this has only been seen on copies rented from Netflix; it isn't clear if anyone of the …


  3. You might be a CLAMP character if...

    17 January 2007

    • Capes and cloaks are practical fashion accessories. They always hang properly, always have stiff collars that never fall over or flop around, and always conveniently trail behind you when moving at high speed at shoulder height, which obviates the possibility of getting tangled up in it and wiping out.

    • Impalement through any part of the body is merely an inconvenience, not a reason to visit the trauma unit of the local hospital.

    • People standing on objects several times too thin to support their body mass are a commonplace occurrance.

    • The fastest mode of locomotion is telekinetically-enhanced high jumping.
    • Your torso …


  4. You might be a technopagan if...

    17 January 2007

    • You write computer viruses that contain copies of your memories. You're going to live forever, dammit!
    • An antiviral software company has to release updates as a result.
    • You've used a fractal explorer as a pathworking tool.
    • You've used awk and sed to assist in temurah.
    • You've written a compiler for a magickal language.
    • You've defined a new Unicode mapping for a magickal language you've created.
    • You wrote a search engine for your book of shadows.
    • You've ever consecrated a PDA.
    • ...and now no one else understands how to use it.
    • You use a .wav file, Google, and your display instead …


  5. The Doctor's weblog drinking game.

    17 January 2007

    Take one drink...

    • whenever I bitch about work.

    • whenever I mention hating my lives, being depressed, or hating my family.

    • for every piece of electronic equipment I mention having on my person (batman factor).

    • for every time I'm logged onto ICQ--but aren't actually there.

    • every time I crow about finding a new toy.

    • every time I mention another possible apartment or new job.

    • every time I worry about being too selfish or weird.

    • everytime I slap myself in the head.

    • when I mention purring--for as long as I purr.

    • when I get to have something with cinnamon in it.

    • if …


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