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  1. Greene County screwed us.

    05 October 2008

    Lyssa's mom brought the marriage license down with her for Lyssa's bridal shower, which was held yesterday afternoon while Hasufin and I were running around wreaking havoc staying out of trouble.

    They sent is a normal Pennsylvania marriage license, not a self-uniting marriage license, which pretty much screws Lyssa and I. We don't have time to get things going in Pennsylvania due to the time delay they require.

    'lex Pendragon and I are starting things in motion, Lyssa and I are coming up with plans B and C.

    I'll write more about this when I don't have a dozen errands …


  2. Looks like Windbringer's on the ropes.

    29 November 2007

    I think the USB v2.0 chipset in Windbringer is failing - all USB v1.0 and v1.1 devices I've used work fine, but now the bottommost jack is acting flaky. All storage devices plugged into the bottom are unreliable, and vanish (from the OS' point of view) randomly, leaving stale file handles and hung processes all over the place. I've seen this pattern of behavior before: Once USB fails completely, everything else tends to collapse like a house of cards during flu season.

    Stopgap measure: Purchase a USB v2.0 PCMCIA card. Going to do that tonight.

    Solution #1 …