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  1. Somebody tell the Browncoats - there might be hope for a second Firefly movie.

    04 October 2007

    A recent interview with Alan Tudyk by Moviehole.net let slip an interesting piece of information, namely, that there was a pretty good chance that a sequel to Serenity would be made by Universal Pictures because the collector's edition DVD of Serenity is selling so well. Even if it's a straight to DVD release (which is something of a fad these days), it would probably still sell well.

    We can only hope.


  2. Yeah, I missed Farpoint, but this makes up for it.

    20 February 2007

    Due to the ice storm, Lyssa and I weren't able to get to the Farpoint sci-fi convention this weekend passed. As much as we would have liked to, the road conditions and extremely long drive were more than a little offputting. However, this brought a smile to my day: The crew from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (well, not really, but close enough for government work) had a go at Serenity.


  3. Hell with it...

    23 January 2007

    Jeffrey Skilling, former president of Enron, was sentenced to 24 years in Club Fed for his role in the Enron scandal.

    Famous sci-fi authors tell stories in six words or less.

    The Supreme Court of the state of New Jersey has voted to recognise same-sex marriages. This is entirely too awesome: Robotic Dalek pumpkins, complete with propulsion motors and a remote control so you can chase the trick-or-treaters down the sidewalk.

    They have no problems with forgetting about a certain movie, but when the fans start producing the swag that the production company didn't want, they sic the lawyers on …