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  1. Archive: 20070107

    31 January 2007

    Lyssa and I are home from the Ferrett's Doctor Who weekend marathon, having left at 0900 EST/EDT this morning to make it home around 1530 EST/EDT. It's a six hour drive from DC to Cleveland no matter which way you're going, and I'm a little worn out from all the driving, but still we had a good time. We'd started off by watching An Unearthly Child from the beginning collection. It's black and white. The acting's a little dodgy, and not just because it was the first episode ever. Yet, it started it all..

    Bit of trivia for …


  2. The Doctor's weblog drinking game.

    17 January 2007

    Take one drink...

    • whenever I bitch about work.

    • whenever I mention hating my lives, being depressed, or hating my family.

    • for every piece of electronic equipment I mention having on my person (batman factor).

    • for every time I'm logged onto ICQ--but aren't actually there.

    • every time I crow about finding a new toy.

    • every time I mention another possible apartment or new job.

    • every time I worry about being too selfish or weird.

    • everytime I slap myself in the head.

    • when I mention purring--for as long as I purr.

    • when I get to have something with cinnamon in it.

    • if …