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  1. "Don't bury me! I'm not dead!" (take two)

    22 November 2008

    For unknown reasons, I just lost the previous draft of this post, and so have had to start over. That includes a number of edits that made the text more coherent to read. Please bear wth me.

    The reason I haven't been writing much lately is because what little time I have that isn't taken up by work has been spent running hither and yon, having what are popularly termed 'wacky adventures'. Things haven't slowed down much for Lyssa and I since we got married; in fact it's rare that we have an evening at home to ourselves that isn't …


  2. My media - let me show you it!

    09 January 2008

    I've put a few more photo albums online from last year and this year:

    The wedding of Alexius and Marlise Pendragon - 15 December 2007 (slightly out of order due to the file naming conventions of the two cameras used).

    The Dresden Dolls - 27 December 2007, Washington, DC

    In case you missed them because they were buried at the end of a very long concert report, Information Society in concert - 5 January 2008, Philadelphia, PA

    Oh, and some long overdue updates to my .plan file (obDisclaimer: Possibly not safe for work.).

    I also finally debugged Pivot's URL rewriting scheme so …


  3. Thursday on the town: The Dresden Dolls!

    28 December 2007

    How about something far more cheerful in my life these days - like Lyssa, Laurelinde, and I going to see the Dresden Dolls last night?

    After arriving home from work yesterday afternoon I hurried into the bedroom to change into more suitable attire for attending a concert put on by what is best described as a punk cabaret duo, namely Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione. I traded my jeans for black linen trousers, black elastic braces, threw on an electric blue necktie, and pulled my Victorian-cut tailcoat from the closet. I traded the USB key on my watch fob for a …