Tag: dogs

  1. A dog head for a dogwood?

    25 October 2010

    Every once in a while around Portland you'll find something odd worked into the environment, like sweaters and cozies knitted for things that don't make sense - poetic terrorism, some people call it, or yarn bombing. While on our way back from Free Geek (which is run by some awesome folks - I highly recommend donating time, money, or parts to them) Amberite and I stumbled across a cardboard dog head peeking out of a tree.


  2. Blips from the future.

    18 June 2009

    While doing some research for another entry I stumbled across a pair of articles in my daily news feed scan that jumped out at me because they seem thematically appropriate. Warren Ellis called them “outbreaks of the future” because they hint at things to come when they appear in the media. Or maybe it’s because they ring of what was once science fiction while carrying a byline of the now.

    James Symington of the Halifax, Canada police department’s K-9 unit worked with a search-and-rescue dog named Trakr for fifteen years. Trakr’s claim to fame came during the …