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  1. TSA at PHL raising eyebrows; travelers consider taking Amtrak.

    18 February 2010

    I've only been to Philadelphia a couple of times, all of them by driving to and from there. After reading about some of the stuff going on there not only do I not particularly want to visit that city, but I'm not entirely certain that I really want to fly again.

    This particular news story leaped out at me for its sheer WTF factor even though the incident seems to have taken place in March of 2009. Bob Thomas, a 53 year old Camden police officer, his wife Leona, and their four year old son Ryan were flying down to …


  2. The RIAA sues people about as accurately as Stormtroopers can shoot.

    14 March 2007

    The RIAA, in its effort to sue everyone and everything it can on the face of the planet because it thinks they've been pirating music has filed suit against a retiree who is paralysed on the left side of his body, nevermind the fact that he is probably unable to use a computer because he is medically disabled. John Paladuk is also largely unable to speak due to the stroke which paralysed him.

    On top of that, his sole means of income is his disability check.