Attention people of Syria:

Reprinted from here in case gets filtered.

The following phone numbers can be used for free dialup access to the Net:

00492317299993 User=telecomix Pass=telecomix
004953160941030 User=telecomix Pass=telecomix
0031205350535 User=XS4all Pass=XS4all
00431962962 User=selfnet Pass=selfnet
0034912910230 no password
0016033715050 no password
004721405060 no password

Dial up access for Syria:


user:telecomix password:telecomix

@speak2tweet works in Syria. Call +16504194196, +390662207294 or +442033184514 to hear tweets or leave a tweet. seems to work for accessing the Google search page. Other features might use different servers …