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  1. Neologism: Trapdoor goalposts

    23 April 2019

    Trapdoor goalposts - noun phrase - When two or more requirements are set up so that meeting one automatically means failing another. This is a bad faith argument whereby it is impossible to meet the requirements someone sets, without admitting refusal to allow the outcome the other person desires.

    "If you're making a decent income you can't possibly talk about poverty, you don't know what you're talking about."
    "I'm actually below the poverty line."
    "You just want a handout!"


  2. Call for participants: The Second Transhumanist Debate

    12 February 2016

    The Brighter Brains Institute is holding another transhuman debate on 2 April 2016 in Oakland, CA, and they've put out a call for participants. The topics up for debate this time around will be:

    • Eugenics
    • Gun laws
    • Capitalism
    • Psychedelics
    • Sexbots

    The debate styles this time will be one-on-one, two-on-two, and a three-on-three verbal battle royale. A couple of discussion panels will also be on the schedule this time around, with audience participation. The audience will vote to determine the winner of each debate.

    If you are interested in taking part in the debates, please e-mail brighterbrainsinstitute at gmail dot com …


  3. EDITED: 20160131 - Call for Participants: The Future of Immigration Conference

    12 January 2016

    The Brighter Brains Institute in conjunction with the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies has announced that its next conference will be held on 6 February 2016 and bears the title Argue 4 Tomorrow. As usual, the conference will take place at the Humanist Hall in Oakland, California. The format of this conference will differ from previous conferences in that it will take the form of a slightly modified Oxford style debate rather than a collection of presentations as we usually think of them. The three debate topics will be Open Borders - For or Against, Basic Income Guarantee - For or …