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  1. Prediction: The United States of America will be at war again by 26 July 2017.

    28 January 2017

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    I very much want to be wrong.

    Within 180 days of 0000 hours UTC, Friday, 27 January 2017, the United States of
    America will declare war once again.  That puts it at Wednesday, 26 July 2017
    at 0000 hours UTC.  I do not know for sure, but countries in the Middle East
    seem the most likely targets.

    This seems due, in part, that the USA seems to be trying to start the Crusades
    again (George W. Bush tried once).  The Trump administrations' public and
    flagrant distrust, disapproval, and seeming pants-shitting-fear of Muslims
    around the …


  2. Edward Woodward, RIP.

    20 November 2009

    It was announced on Monday that actor Edward Woodward died at home at the age of 79. Woodward is probably best known for his role as police sergeant Neil Howie in the movie The Wicker Man, though audiences in the United States are probably more familiar with the mid-80's television series The Equalizer, and in the late 1990's as Alwyn in an episode of Crusade alongside his son Peter. He was also a talented vocalist, and recorded a dozen solo albums throughout his lengthy and varied career. He is survived by his second wife Michele Dotrice and four children, Tim …