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  1. My Postmodern Openings paper went live.

    08 July 2016

    My paper on threats to emerging financial entities went live a couple of weeks ago. It's in volume VII, issue 1 of the journal Postmodern Openings and can be read in its entirity here as a downloadable PDF file. I've taken the liberty of uploading a second copy here for archival purposes.

    The paper is published under a Creative Commons By Attribution/Noncommercial/No Derivatives license.


  2. My paper about threats to emerging financial entities passed peer review and will be published.

    31 May 2016

    As you may or may not remember, late last year I presented via telepresence at the Nigeria ICT Fest, where I gave a talk about security threats to emerging financial entities. Following the conference I was invited to turn my presentation into an academic paper for an open-access, peer-reviewed journal called Postmodern Openings which is published on a biannual basis. Postmodern Openings seems to publish a little bit about everything, from the ethics of advertising to children to lessons learned from studying the economic systems of entire countries to the anthropological ins and outs of caring for children with chronic …


  3. Cryptoparty presentation: Whole Disk Encryption

    31 July 2013

    At the DC Cryptoparty in October of 2012 I did two presentations: One on GnuPG and one on whole disk encryption. While I'd put the GnuPG presentation online I hadn't done the same for the disk encryption one because I had to update it after the cryptoparty to take into account new information acquired that afternoon regarding MacOSX and Windows. I did so, converted the OpenOffice Presentation deck into a PDF, PGP signed them, and uploaded them this afternoon.

    v1.0 of the WDE presentation is now available for download:


  4. Cryptoparty presentation: GnuPG

    07 December 2012

    Now that things have calmed down a little, I've finally had time to finish and post one of my presentations from the Washington, DC cryptoparty. My presentation on GnuPG is now available for download. If there is anythings that needs to be fixed in it, please let me know and I'll get a new release out.

    Please bear in mind that this is a high-level lesson on how to use GnuPG, so you won't learn how AES works or how to implement SHA-1, because you don't need to know that stuff to sign e-mail or encrypt files. If you want …


  5. Presentation to ISOC-DC, 20121016.

    22 October 2012

    I wound up not giving the whole presentation to the DC chapter of the Internet Society last week because the format got changed up at the last minute. But anyway, here is the presentation I would have given in PDF and OpenOffice Presentation formats.

    This work by The Doctor [412/724/301/703] is published under a Creative Commons By Attribution / Noncommercial / Share Alike v3.0 License.