Shaun King: Recording from a Corporate Meeting about the Dakota Access Pipeline

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Supposedly, the man speaking is Matthew Ramsey, COO of Energy Transfer Partners.

The interesting bit is around the 6:30 mark.

Just in case, I've put up a local mirror of the recording.

The thread talking about it starts here.

Remember to pick this the hell apart and run every last detail to ground.

Boot loaders and securing dual-booting portable systems.

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UPDATE - 20170327 - Truecrypt was disconnected in 2014.ev when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP.  DO NOT USE IT.  This blog post must be considered historical in nature.

If you've been following the news media for the past year or so, stores have been cropping up with frightening regularity about travelers who are detained at the border while customs agents demand the login credentials for their notebook computers so that they can be examined for gods-know-what kind of information. From time to time, the hard drives of computers are actually imaged for later analysis. As if that weren't enough, the United …