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  1. UPDATED: I'll be presenting at the Future of Politics Conference.

    25 August 2015

    EDIT: While I will be attendence at this conference, I am no longer in the lineup of speakers.

    On 18 October 2015 I'll be presenting at the Future of Politics Conference held by the Brighter Brains Institute. I'll be giving a talk (which doesn't have a title yet, and in fact I have yet to start writing) on tools and strategies for grassroots organization in a time when we're all connected on a 24x7x365 basis (which is to say, today).

    The conference will be held at the Humanist Hall in Oakland, CA from 10:30am until 6:00pm. Lunch will …


  2. Notes from the Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity Conference - 12 July 2015

    20 July 2015

    And now, hopefully sooner than the last set, my notes taken during the Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity Conference held on 12 July 2015 in Oakland, CA. Everything's behind the cut, with references as applicable. Personal observations (are on separate lines in parenthesis) to differentiate them from the speaker's material. Vertical Farm Civilization - Karl Doerrer


  3. Notes from the Transhuman Strategies conference, 21 March 2015

    17 July 2015

    At long last, here are my notes from the Transhuman Strategies conference held by the Brighter Brains Institute on 21 March 2015. It took me a while to find the notebook I wrote them in, so that's why they're a few months late in coming. Anyway, my notes are under the cut.

    Hank Pellissier - Transhumanitarian Projects

    • Goals: Extending life, increasing mental ability
    • Life expectency in Japan is 80, in Sierra Leone is 35
    • Hunger is still the greatest killer
    • Shipping food or backing projects
    • De-worming - parasiting infections in children
    • The energy deficit incurred by parasitic infection lowers IQ in children …


  4. DefCon 22 presentation notes

    20 August 2014

    Behind the cut are the notes I took during DefCon 22, organized by name of presentation. Where appropriate I've linked to the precis of the talk. I make no guarantee that they make sense to anybody but me.

    One Man Shop: Building an Effective Security Program All By Yourself - Medic

    • Integrate with environment
    • Continuous monitoring
    • People and Process -> Secure Network Architecture -> Secure Systems Design -> Continuous Monitoring -> External Validation -> Compliance
    • Compliance, per usual, means dick in the final analysis
    • Roughly five year plan w/ deliverables
    • Needs organizational supprt. Still answers to the Business.
    • Supports, !replaces Business
    • Security will not mature past …


  5. Notes from the Religion and Transhumanism conference, 10 May 2014

    24 May 2014

    A couple of weekends ago I attended one of the IEET's conferences in California on the topic of Religion and Transhumanism. While I was there I took notes during the speakers' presentations, and I promised some people that I'd put them online at my earliest convenience. Here they are, in the best order I can conceive of and with whatever links I can dig up to elucidate my somewhat cryptic chickenscratch. Please note that I took notes on things I don't necessarily agree with, and that I advise you to follow some of the links before jumping to conclusions …


  6. I'll be presenting at the Global Existential Risks and Radical Futures Conference

    13 March 2014

    I have other stuff to write about that will come in time.

    I'll be presenting at the Global Existential Risks and Radical Futures Conference in San Francisco, CA on 14 June 2014. I'll be giving a talk entitled Echos Into the Past: Outbreaks of Future Technologies in the Present, about technologies that exist right now which the transhumanist community may wish to consider as first steps toward long-term goals.


  7. Birthday weekend wrap up.

    19 February 2013

    Rather than stay home for my birthday (which I've done for the past few years) I decided to make things interesting this time 'round the sun. Sitwon and Haxwithaxe had secured a hotel room and passes for Shmoocon in downtown DC last weekend, so I threw my hat into the ring more or less at the last minute. Shmoocon is an excellent hacker conference, don't get me wrong, but I don't ordinarily get much out of it. It is, as they say around here, above my pay grade. That said, I decided to go solely to see what I could …


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