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  1. Notes from Thotcon 0x0a.

    20 May 2019

    My notes from Thotcon 0x0a:

    Hacking Con Badges for Fun and Profit

    • Given by an EE
    • Badge hacking started with DC23, HHV.
    • Turned his DC23 record-badge into an analog clock.
    • AND!XOR's DC24 independent badge.
    • Maple Mini STM32.
    • Live spectrum analysis of 20-20KHz as an add-on.
    • Mic, pre-amp, FFT running on the uc.
    • Wired into the badge, rock-and-roll.
    • Inspiration and OSINT - look at the badge when it's announced, think about it
    • Get ideas
    • PoC - if you don't have this, you're not going to have anything
    • dev & debug
    • DC25 - NRF52 - 503.party
    • Blow up any images you can and start thinking …