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  1. A few from the media front.

    20 November 2009

    Earlier today, Lyssa and I arranged to reserve a couple of tables just behind the dance floor at The State Theatre in Fairfax to have dinner and catch a double-header concert which we and the usual suspects been anxiously awaiting since October. Amanda Palmer returned to NOVA, performing with and backed by the Nervous Cabaret out of Brooklyn, New York. Lyssa and I arrived first, following a madcap search for parking which Lyssa could comfortably walk from and a few last-minute arrangements earlier today. A generous soul at the front of the line let Lyssa (who is still on crutches …


  2. The Cruxshadows strike again!

    14 September 2007

    Heartfelt congratulations to the Cruxshadows for striking the music world like a bolt of lightning - they've taken the #1 position on the Hot Singles Dance Chart once again and are at #2 on the Hot Singles Sales Chart with the release of Birthday, their second single from the album Dreamcypher.

    On top of that, the single Sophia has re-entered the Dance Singles Chart again at the #3 position, thus sayeth the Dancing Ferret Discs website.

    Congratulations, guys.

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