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  1. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs does conspiracy theory.

    02 May 2010

    After dinner tonight, Mika and I somehow got off on the topic of libraries and books and our shared love of same.. around that time, Mika wondered out loud if I Hate Perfume, her perfumery of choice, manufactured anything which smelled like books or libraries. While she checked I bounced over to my favorite supplier of decorative scents, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs to see if they had anything along those lines. On a lark because I haven't been to their site in a couple of months I hit the link for their limited edition catalogue and was shocked and amazed …


  2. Snowed in for the second time this month, and this time it's not so bad. (out of order stream of consciousness post)

    25 February 2007

    I knew that something was going to happen when I spoke to my mom, and she mentioned getting ready for an ice storm in Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

    That meant only one thing: It was headed toward DC.

    Early this morning, I was awakened by the sound of snowflakes merrily ticking against the window above the bed that Lyssa and I share. Some time after we went to bed last night, the ice storm arrived in DC and the snow began to fall.

    And fall.

    And fall.

    The local weather report says that we're looking and three to six inches …