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  1. One again operating at diminished capacity.

    07 August 2017

    This week, it was my turn to suffer a somewhat debilitaring kitchen accident.

    Last week, Lyssa nearly took the tip of her thumb off with a chef's knife while helping to make pizza for dinner, an accident which resulted in several stitches to reattach the flap of skin that ordinarily formed the end of her left thumb.

    Last night, while helping to make dinner I accidentally grabbed the handle of a skillet that had spent the previous half-hour in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven.  With my entire hand.  There are (still closed) blisters on four of the five digits on …


  2. Gildowan update.

    01 May 2007

    Ashran now has skin on his foot - the third degree burns are completely gone, and he's able to wear shoes once more. Granted, he's only got one layer of skin now and it's looking pretty bad (from a cosmetic perspective) but the wounds are closed over and tissue regeneration continues apace.