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  1. Experimenting with btrfs in production.

    04 November 2019

    EDIT - 20230422 - Fixed the command to increase the amount of space used on a new and bigger drive. Also updated some of the links because the official btrfs page has changed.

    EDIT - 20230129 - Changed the btrfs replacement command a bit. Added a command block to force the SATA controller to rescan the devices available to it.

    EDIT - 20211120 - Edited the page so that it makes more sense. The last couple of edits were out of sequence. Cleaned up a few things, too.

    EDIT - 20211107 @ 1324 UTC-7 - Added how to monitor the drive replacement process.

    EDIT - 20201206 @ 2216 UTC-7 - Added how …