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  1. Mirrored at the request of Telecomix: Final post from Sandmonkey!

    03 February 2011

    A well-known blogger in Egypt who went by the handle of Sandmonkey who'd come under the scrutiny of the old Egyptian government was raided and taken into custody, and his blog was taken offline. Telecomix has asked that his final blog post be mirrored across the Net. I've mirrored the text from here verbatim.

    Thursday, 3 Feb 2011
    Egypt, right now!

    I don't know how to start writing this. I have been battling fatigue for not sleeping properly for the past 10 days, moving from one's friend house to another friend's house, almost never spending a night in my home …


  2. No time to write proper posts lately.

    21 January 2009

    It says something, I think, when someone spends most every day of the past week going to bed at 2100 local time and sleeping clear through until 0600. Plus a nap after coming home from work. An essay I've been working on has been at a low simmer for a few days now until I've got enough neurons online to turn it into a coherent whole. I've got pictures to post that I haven't gotten around to yet.

    Come to think of it, I've got two more disposable cameras that I haven't gotten developed yet.

    Oh, and the inauguration yesterday …