Cryptsetup benchmarks for a Dell 17r.

For no good reason today I decided to run some cryptsetup benchmarks on Windbringer. The only really significant change to the systemware configuration is that Windbringer is now running Linux kernel version 3.9.4-1-ARCH.

[drwho@windbringer ~]$ cryptsetup benchmark
# Tests are approximate using memory only (no storage IO).
PBKDF2-sha1       407688 iterations per second
PBKDF2-sha256     222155 iterations per second
PBKDF2-sha512     144511 iterations per second
PBKDF2-ripemd160  334367 iterations per second
PBKDF2-whirlpool  187245 iterations per second
#  Algorithm | Key |  Encryption |  Decryption
     aes-cbc   128b   563.0 MiB/s  1862.0 MiB/s
 serpent-cbc   128b    67.7 MiB/s   281.0 MiB/s
 twofish-cbc   128b   158 …