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  1. Podcaster J.C. Hutchins has landed a publishing deal!

    17 December 2007

    Congratulations to podcaster and novelist J.C. Hutchins who has landed a publishing contract with St. Martin's Press for the trilogy 7th Son. Hutchins recorded the three novels (Descent, Deceit, and Destruction) as a series of audiobooks over the past two years, and released them one episode at a time in the form of podcasts that have generated for him not only a legion of fans that call themselves the Beta Clone Army but serious coverage in such newspapers as the New York Times.

    The 7th Son trilogy depicts the adventures of seven men brought together by a secret government …


  2. Congratulations, JC!

    13 March 2007

    I'd like to post congratulations to J.C. Hutchins, the podcaster behind 7th Son. In this week's episode he announced that he'd been contacted by an agent about getting the 7th Son trilogy published. Not long after this, what J.C. described as 'a major science fiction publisher' contacted him through his agent about the manuscript for the first novel, Descent.

    Congrats, J.C.!