Photograph of Bryce Alexander Lynch Name: Bryce Alexander Lynch

Birthday: 15 February 1978

Homepage: Antarctica Starts Here.

Commonly used handles: The Doctor, The Doctor [412/724/301/703/415], virtadpt

Representing: Virtual Adept Networks, Unlimited

Email: drwho at virtadpt dot net

PGP/GnuPG Key: 7960 1CDC 85C9 0B63 8D9F DD89 3BD8 FF2B 807B 17C1

Citizenship: Internet

Jabber/XMPP: drwho@jackpoint.virtadpt.net

Interests: adventure, blogging, civil liberties, code, diary, exocortex, hackerspaces, hacking, hacktivism, information security, life, magick, music, perl, photography, python, reverse engineering, technology, technomagick, thelema, time travel, transhumanism, travel, weird