If you need to cry, spit. It's the only way to deal with tears.

The deal's bullshit. The deal's always bullshit. Then ask for the details. You could be wrong.

Never steal from your employers.

Forgetting can be just as deadly as always remembering.

Know when to kick it in the head and quit. Retire while you're still alive, don't let somebody retire you.

Always maintain your contacts. Even if it's just poking your head into a bar and nodding at a bartender.

Scars help you to remember not to be stupid.

There are some things the best surgeons can't repair completely.

Sometimes you have to do some things you'll always regret to get yourself into a better place.

Practice.  Constantly.

If you can't do it in the dark blindfolded, keep practicing.

Maintain your kit whenever you have a chance.

Sometimes, keeping your best stuff disconnected is the only way to keep it from being fucked with.

Back up fully and often.  Even after you're dead.

Always run the backgrounds of your employers.  You need to know who you're dealing with.

You can only stay bleeding edge for so long.

There are some truly sick people out there.  Pray you never have to work with them.

If you ever do have to work with one, they'll stab you in the back.  Count on it.

You only get to be the best by busting your ass, 24x7x365.

Never be afraid to name your price.  If you're worth it, demand it.  If it's too much for your client, hell with 'em.  If you're not worth it, you'll find out - fast.

There are worse places to do business than bars and nightclubs.

A cosmopolitan attitude is crucial for biz.

The best anything costs a lot.  You get what you pay for.

Always two there are, jockey and joeboy. No more.  No less.

Having someone riding shotgun can save your life.

Stash your ride when you don't need it.  Come back for it when you do.

Some of the best stuff comes from sketchy sources.  Never trust it completely.

That hot new toy you're running with might have unforseen side effects.

Strap yourself in when shit gets real.

Sometimes you just have to wait.

Even after you retire, you can set yourself up with a sweet gig.

There is some pretty weird shit running around out there.  If you punch into a blank sector, just kick back and wait a bit, and it might run into you.

Simplicity suggests amazing complexity.

The higher the resolution, the more trouble you're in.

You can cruise around and suck up the little stuff, and it adds up after a while, but it's just not satisfying.

When the weapons come out, be polite.  You may only get one shot at getting away alive.

Don't gamble, the game's always rigged against you.

You can go broke if you pay for enough of anything.

Your best defense is a good offense.

Vices can become dependencies.  Dependencies can kill you.

Always read the online documentation.

Always answer the ringing phone.  You may not like the phone call, though.

Put your back into it and show 'em how it's done.

When someone or something tells you that you're blithely wandering into danger - fucking listen.

What is done can be redone and undone.  And you won't know what you've lost until it's gone.

People can play some pretty sick games.  If you're not careful you'll become one of the pieces on the board.

Sometimes you don't have time for the niceties.

Don't let the kids generation gap you.

Don't be a bigger asshole than you have to be.

If you think you've got it made and you're living on easy street, you're not. People can and will take it all away when you least expect it.