1. Hacker researcher Bernhardt Lieberman has died.

    15 May 2007

    About four years ago, a retired professor emeritus from the University of Pittsburgh named Bernhardt Lieberman was doing research on the hacker subculture. He interviewed a number of people in Pittsburgh (myself included at the time), and in 2004 attended the HOPE conference to interview another group of attendees about their lives, practices, education, and interests (computers and hacking aside).

    I kept in touch with Bernhardt up until I left Pittsburgh in 2005, at which time I didn't have a net.connection for a couple of months. Life being what it is, I didn't actually get around to contacting him …


  2. We got hackers on a motherlovin' plane!

    12 May 2007

    The guys over at the Hacker Foundation have put together a jaunt for globetrotting hackers that will be hard to pass up, a project that they're calling Hackers On A Plane. Through much wheeling and dealing, they've cut deals with the organizers of Defcon in Las Vegas and the Chaos Computer Camp in Germany, and they've made it possible to attend both. Here's how:

    For $1,337us (or €1,337eur), you can attend Defcon in Vegas (though you'll have to pay for your own food and sleeping space), fly from Vegas to Frankfurt, Germany, catch a charter flight to the …


  3. Go fly a kite... at the National Mall.

    10 May 2007

    From the Livejournal of Hasufin:

    Rainbow kites. On the National Mall. Nothing "in your face", but if we can get enough people involved, it'll get noticed.

    We've created a community for this. It's called gbltkite.

    Due to the somewhat sensitive nature, it's going to be moderated for now. If you're interested, join up!

    If you have a Livejournal, I highly recommend that all LGBT folk and allies in the DC metroplex give it a look, and consider helping us out. You don't necessarily have to be queer to join in - if you care, you're welcome.


  4. Belated LayerOne entry number two.

    09 May 2007

    1048 PST8PDT - Burbank Airport.

    What a dump. I finally got to see more of it because I'll be stuck here for a few hours. When I originally arrived we were ushered out of the terminal to the curbside baggage pickup without ceremony, only security guards, so I wasn't able to take the fifty cent tour of the terminal.

    It's small. There's noplace to eat, save for a really, really crappy cafe' that serves hideously bad wraps and lousy smoothies. By 'noplace' I mean just that - there are no other places to go in terminal B for food unless you want …


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