839 years young.

839 years old today.  Solidly in the triple digits.  Eight regenerations in and I can feel the clock ticking every second.

Why Blaster Master?  Why the hell not?

What have I learned this year?  What have I done this year?

Let's start with the latter: I've been knocked flat twice by sickness, a record to be sure.  I bleached and started dying my hair again, because why not?  I can get away with it without any trouble, and I may as well enjoy my hair while I still have it.

I changed jobs, and I'm much, much happier for it.  I'm actually getting security work done these days.

I've really grown to enjoy AI programming and writing bots.  All the bots.

I'm writing more these days, and I've gone public with the music that I've been writing off and on for the last couple of years.

I published a peer-reviewed paper.

I presented again at HOPE, threepeating at 2600's conference in New York City.

I've finally admitted to myself that I miss living in the DC area.  However, I think that I'm living in the best place for me these days.  There's a world of difference between a familiar environment and a healthy environment.

I've drawn my line in the sand, and I'm not going anywhere.

I've decided to blog about having synaesthesia rather than keep it to myself.  I think I'm enjoying it.

I lose myself occasionally.  But I back myself up regularly so I always have a spare copy laying around.

I've started working on mesh networks again, and I'm somewhat pleased with the results so far (I'm writing this from inside of one).

There are some things that I need to change about myself, and I'm not getting any younger so I need to get with the program.

I've decide to have a controlled mid-life crisis.  "Controlled" in the sense that I've got a list of things that I want to do or have done and how, in such a way that I don't go and do something stupid like blow my life savings on a flashy car or something.  I figured that it started with my last bit of dental work and opting to get two gold teeth installed in my mouth.  Yes, real, honest-to-Pete gold molars.  They hold up better than the porcelain/metal/composite replacements and hook better to the pins in my jaw.  I'm probably going to get the tattoos I've drawn and redrawn many a time over the past twenty years.  I may try to perform some of my music at a con or two, assuming that I can ever figure out how to turn the weird chiptune/synthwave/experimental/synaesthetic experiences into something that a small group of people can perform live.  Or, fuck it, let's just do handwavey smoke and mirrors and pixie dust and whatever the fuck puts on a good show.