James O'Keefe caught trying to pull another fast one.

So, there's this guy named James O'Keefe.

He's got this problem: He likes trying to play Mission: Impossible and wreck the careers and lives of people he doesn't like by pulling scams, editing videos in interesting ways to set people up, and generally being the sort of person you'd eject from the party for being such a huge asshole that the Alpha Betas would throw him out on his ear.  He spent all of Election Day in 2016 tailing buses taking people to the polls in an attempt to intimidate them into not voting.  He's cost a couple of people their jobs.  He's also been paid to do other people's dirty work, including breaking and entering and wiretapping, and his video editing skills are creative to say the least, but he relies upon shock value to cover up the fact that he's talking out of his ass.  His track record shows that there's a 50/50 chance that he'll burn himself while trying to pull a black op (and I'm being much too polite because the guy's not even a mall ninja).

He's up to his old tricks again, only this time his reputation preceeded him and he was caught in the act when the groups he approached turned the tables on him by using his own tricks.  O'Keefe and Allison Maass (one of his employees) approached two organizations, Americans Take Action and the journalist group The Undercurrent, and offered them thousands of dollars if they would disrupt the inauguration on 20 January 2017 by shutting down bridges and inciting a riot.  Two versions of the video are available, an edited version in a news segment by The Young Turks (including some behind-the-scenes discussion that you really should watch) and longer video footage which is damning, to say the least.  When last I heard, trying to pay people to cause riots and generally wreak havoc was a felony in the United States.

Just in case these videos happen to mysteriously vanish, I've taken the liberty of mirroring the videos in question, which you can download for yourself to archive and watch later.

Is Project Veritas Conducting Political Hit Jobs for Donald .mp4 - 73461473 bytes - SHA-256 hash d472f50876daee276e4550654b989340b0455802ab975067b24869eed75a435b

Conservatives CAUGHT Trying To Pay Liberals To Disrupt Trump.mp4 - 155025075 bytes - SHA-256 hash 8277460467325337489571d4942e57f1d53dca231ed8acd05da7a9bfbc44c03c

There is a truism in the activist community: The person who agitates for violence is a plant.  Politics seems no different in this respect.

Just in case, here are some pictures (local mirror) of the guy (local mirror) to look (local mirror) out for (local mirror).

Of course, there is a lesson for everyone to learn here: Cardinal Richelieu famously wrote "If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him."  In this day and age, all of us are subject to this age-old dictim.  We are endlessly recorded on this planet, by security cameras, microphones, and the very software and social networks we use.  Any asshat can quote and edit them, take them out of context, or forge them outright, and there is little any of us can do about it because the burden of proof is upon us and not the accusers.

Watch your backs.