Why I dislike loud parties.

Generally speaking, I dislike loud and busy parties.  I find that my senses become overloaded in a very short period of time - all the voices, all the background sounds, all the random noise, the echoes from hard surfaces... it's very unpleasant.  After a short period of time in such an environment, my vision is all but useless.  The fog, the mist, the random colors.. on top of that, my tactile sense goes nuts.  Being rubbed down with wet and dry sponges, fans blowing on the front and back of my head at full blast, my legs vibrating backwards and forwards (and knees dont bend backwards), my fingers bending in a direction they don't go in... it's not a pleasant environment to be in.

Base image was taken at the EPIC awards banquet in 2014, Washington, DC.  I've just now gotten around to trying to depict what sensory overload looks like.