My paper about threats to emerging financial entities passed peer review and will be published.

31 May 2016

As you may or may not remember, late last year I presented via telepresence at the Nigeria ICT Fest, where I gave a talk about security threats to emerging financial entities. Following the conference I was invited to turn my presentation into an academic paper for an open-access, peer-reviewed journal called Postmodern Openings which is published on a biannual basis. Postmodern Openings seems to publish a little bit about everything, from the ethics of advertising to children to lessons learned from studying the economic systems of entire countries to the anthropological ins and outs of caring for children with chronic kidney diseases. It seems like a lot of weird, rarefied stuff and to some extent that's true, or at least that's true insofar as any academic publishing is concerned. As with many journals, occasionally the reader finds something that had been previously not considered and broadens one's horizons (or at least I do, but then again I read academic journals for fun). I was informed early last week that my paper had passed peer review and would be published in the next edition of the journal which can be read here in its entirety. If you need the ISSN of Postmodern Openings to cite any papers in there or look the journal up in a database it's 2068–0236; it also has an e-ISSN of 2069-9387.

The journal publishes under a Creative Commons By Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives license to ensure that everybody who needs access to the articles can get access to them because most academic publishing is a racket. When Postmodern Openings takes the articles in this edition live I'll post my own here as a PDF.