Turbo Drive: Night Club and Dance With the Dead

On 20 February 2016 the DNA Lounge in San Francisco had another edition of Turbo Drive, the occasional retro/synthwave/electro night that brings back all the smoke, neon, lasers, and all-synthesizers-all-the-time music that we remember from 80's movies and cyberpunk novels. As you might expect, I was there with dancing boots on and earplugs in wearing full dead cruiser garb (nope, no pics handy, maybe next time if I can find somebody to take a pic) to see two bands I'm quite fond of these days, Night Club (who made it big when they were asked to do the soundtrack for the surreal comedy series Moonbeam City) and Dance With the Dead, whose pounding, horror-tinged music makes you want to gas your chainsaw and kick some ass in that creepy house on the edge of town that everyone claims is haunted.

I got to meet Mark Brooks of Night Club before the show, when the DJs were warming up the crowd. He's a nice guy, and we got to chatting about music while I bought all of the CDs they had for sale (no shirt, though - none my size). The dancefloor was packed enough that I didn't have a whole lot of room to dance, which on the whole I'm okay with because I got to hear some excellent music, up close and personal.

Anyway, I'm out of stuff to write about this night so here are my pictures from the show. They're far from perfect, I'm afraid, due to the smoke machines and laser light messing with my camera. I deleted the worst of the pics and put up the ones that had the most detail.