San Francisco Bomb Scare, 24 February 2016.

On 24 February 2016 there was a bomb scare in the Financial District of downtown San Francisco, California. As far as I have been able to determine someone found an unattended FedEx box on the street, called the police, and the police called in the bomb squad (which doesn't seem to have a homepage of its own). For reasons not entirely clear to me I seem to have been one of very few people who covered it, which is kind of odd because they shut down streets for several blocks around, trapping many of us in place. I found myself in a position with a unique point of view on the situation to say the least, and took as many pictures as I could while keeping an ear on my radio scanner (yes, I carry one wherever I go) to determine if I needed to de-ass the area or activate a backup of myself. Thankfully nothing came of it, the package was removed and scuttlebutt says that it was "rendered safe" (which probably means that it was taken somewhere far away, loaded with C4, and detonated just in case).

Because Twitter is inherently ephemeral I made sure to copy the pictures I took from my phone and put them here.