Telecomix activist crowdfunding translation of his autobiography.

I don't ordinarily do this, but I think this is a special case.

During the time of Occupy and the Arab Spring, the hacktivist collective Telecomix was the boots on the ground, the eyes in the sky, and a bloom of jellyfish swimming to and fro in the endless oceans of the Net. Among the many jellyfish who banded together beneath Agent Cameron's banner was the talented hacker Tomate, who later went public with his real name - Stephan Urbach. When the Telecomix network came under an unprecedented (at the time, anyway) attack that we were never able to trace the origins of (though many of us have our suspicions) the Telecomix collective fragmented and dispersed as its lines of communication were cut. Unfortunately, I largely lost contact with Tomate for various reasons; my career went in a different direction and he began to travel around the world, speaking to academics and human rights activists in many countries. During the intervening years I had no idea that he'd written a highly regarded autobiography that was published in Germany. The nature of the Net today is that one could, in theory, purchase a copy in their country of origin but it's written in German. Stephan has started a crowdfunding campaign to get his story professionally translated into English so that it could be read by many more people around the world. If you'd like to read the first chapter of his book in English you can do so here.

I have no voxels in this game save that Tomate is an old friend and I've kicked some money in to help get his book translated because I'd very much like to read it. If this seems interesting to you, I humbly ask that you consider kicking a few dollars/euros/whatever toward Stephan's crowdfunding campaign to help get his book translated. I have a feeling that you'll get a lot out of his book if the project is successful.