I'm not about to break a streak.

27 September 2015

It's getting near the end of September and I haven't posted anything yet this month. What's going on?

Rather a lot, actually.

I've taken on a significant amount of responsibility at my day job this year, and sometimes that means putting in long hours. Long enough hours that, if I don't faceplant shortly after arriving at home I'm awake for only an hour or two afterward, and the last thing I want to lay eyes on is a keyboard. I usually study during that time before crashing for the next day. Yes, this means that I'm at the point in my career where racking up certifications is now a requirement, and not merely an idea to entertain and then set aside for later. This is not terribly conducive to blogging, as one would guess.

I've also been putting in a fair amount of time working on a couple of conferences, both organizing and preparing papers for. Organizing a conference seems so easy when all your're doing is preparing and practicing a presentation, and maybe running your paper past someone for a final look-see before it goes live. But when it comes to getting everyone to send their presentations to you in a timely manner for testing, getting a laptop and projector, figuring out lunch for all the attendees... it's a lot of work.

I have a fairly large queue of stuff I want to write about, probably fifteen or twenty long-form posts worth. If and when things calm down somewhat (and assuming that my body's immune system doesn't segfault on me) I'll try to get to work on them.