I am this week's special guest on the More Thank Bits! podcast.

13 July 2015

Last week Alexius Pendragon invited me to be the special guest on the podcast he co-hosts, called More Than Bits! During the interview I fielded a bunch of questions about the RaspberryPi and my lunchtop, Squeak and Scratch, capture the flag competitions and Project 2 by dirtbags.net, Project Byzantium, and being on the Global Frequency.

I was unfortunately ill-prepared for the interview because I ran home from work and jacked in without taking the time to get my head or my notes together, so I made quite a few gaffs. I hate it when I'm operating half in work mode and half in home mode, which messes with my memory retrieval mechanism. Truth be told I'm kind of embarassed by the mistakes I made, but that's what happens when you don't take the time to switch out of work mode. Neither am I perfect.

Here is the episode in its entirity, for listening online or download.