Makerfaire 2015

17 June 2015

If you've never been to Makerfaire, it's a rite of passage for geeks of all kinds. In fact, I'd recommend that everyone attend their nearest Mini-Makerfaire at least once because you'll see all manner of weird, wonderful, and inspiring things on display. I ran a table at the one in Silver Spring, Maryland back in 2013 with HacDC and had a ball. Anyway.

I had a chance to attend the original Makerfaire in the Bay Area a few weekends ago and, though it was a significant journey on BART and on a shuttle bus it was well worth it. There, I saw more kinetic art than I've seen anywhere else (most of it breathing fire), several examples of functional powered armor, TOOOL had an entire tent dedicated to locksport, there were robots running around all over the place, a massive store where the latest and greatest smart components could be bought (I didn't buy any - I don't have time right now, so there was no point), movie props... more than I can really recount here. I did take pictures of most of it, though.

Here are the pictures I took.